Why are we shutting down the food pantry?

After deliberation with the elders and bringing it before the small group leaders, we have decided to suspend the New Beginnings Food Pantry after nearly 10 years serving the community. As 2019 started, our supplier changed and gave us new rules to abide by and cheaper prices on food. Unfortunately, these changes also came with new rules about sharing our faith with those who come through. Our mission is to gather, grow, go, and give. We want to serve the least of these in the community, but doing it in a way that opens up opportunities to connect people to the true source of life Jesus.

Everything has a life cycle on this side of eternity, and we felt the organization and food ministry had run its course and it was time to pursue other opportunities to serve in the Tri-State area. This year we have already budgeted $800 a month for the food pantry, and we will continue to set that money aside as we pursue new ventures within our city and beyond.

We are still very committed to serving the least of these in our community and we welcome your input and ideas over the coming months as we pray about what avenues to pursue.

Here are a few ideas that we have been considering just to stimulate your imagination:

  • Family Homeless Shelter - right now families that struggle with homelessness in our city have nowhere to go together. The male has to stay at one location and the female and children in another location. (our hope would be to partner with another ministry here)

  • Subsidized childcare - there are many single-parent families in our city with childcare needs, partnering with another organization, we might be able to help meet that need in some way

  • Some toward international mission - another potential opportunity is to begin partnering with international missionaries more substantially, developing relationships with them and taking teams annually to support their work.